Mission Statement


Our school aims to be a happy safe place with an environment where learning is stimulated, encouraged and guided. It is a community of kindness and fairness and friendship for all.


Vision Statement


Our school aims to ensure that each child reaches their full potential academically, physically, socially and emotionally. All should appreciate and understand a wide variety of cultures and spiritual beliefs whilst upkeeping the Catholic ethos of the school. All should develop appropriate social skills and know how to express themselves appropriately in different situations.



  • Resources will be made available to adhere to the specific learning needs of each child.
  • Children from all cultural backgrounds will be encouraged to express themselves while also being open to diversity.
  • We will nurture the children’s beliefs and expose them to other spiritual beliefs.
  • The children will be taught appropriate social skills and given ample opportunity to utilize them.
  • We will provide a secure environment in which the children can learn and express various emotions.