– games for all subjects, you can choose Grade 1 or 2 to start.

Reading websites – free stories – great website for Parents who want to learn strategies to help their children to read. – browse the free books to read. – audio stories for kids – Great printables of activities from some very popular books. You will need a printer for this thou. – create your very own story book.


Writing – great website to create your own poem. – writing prompts to help for ideas about what to write

Maths – choose from a huge range of maths games – choose first or second class at the bottom half of the homepage and then pick a maths skill to practise. – capacity game – weight game – shape and space game – counting game – lots of fun games

SESE – lots of activities about the world around us. – loads of Science ideas to make and do at home.– fun game about animals and their amazing habitats.

Two fun videos from a series on ‘animals’ and ‘Do you know’ that will connect to lots more. Continue video to the end to get the next episode.

Irish – fun irish games to help with vocab