General Information

Class sizes
Our average class size is around 15.
Some classes would be less than 15 and some a little more.

A class of 20 would be considered quite large in our school.

This means the children get much more
care and one to one attention than in many schools.

Children’s Library
We have a state of the art library
where children can
borrow from an enormous range of
books. It is beautifully decorated and
has many multi-media features.

Healthy School.

We have free healthy school
lunches, developed and
supervised by nutritionists.
We have an on-site Speech
Therapist and Art Therapist
We have in-school dance
lessons, swimming lessons
and music lessons.
We utilise playground games
and activities in a supervised

We have a brand new play ground,
with specially designed equipment to
promote social skills.

We also have dedicated rooms such
as a multi-sensory room, state of the
art children’s library, therapy rooms
and multiple support rooms for
literacy, numeracy and behaviour.

Our school inspection puts us in the
range of excellent schools in
Ireland. The standard of teaching
and learning is really high!


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