Our amazing school is now complete. Here is the story of the long journey from start to finish:

The construction works of our school building has been non-stop since January.We feel so lucky that the builders could continue their works during the time we weren’t in school. We are so incredibly excited to see our amazing new classrooms transformed, and get into them. Have a look at all of the different stages of the amazing transformation of the building. We cant wait to see and show you the final transformation.

January saw the start of the demolition process.

We were so excited to see the wheels in motion.

The teachers got involved and had lots of fun looking through the colour charts and voting on going for lighter shades or darker shades.

In February, the rebuilding started and the plastering began.

At the beginning of March we saw the new floors being poured, and the cabinets fitted.

This week there has been some more insulation and suspended ceilings being fitted, along with the doors being inserted.

After the Easter break, we have seen so many more incredible changes.

Look at our stripes

The second class rooms are nearly finished

Our beautiful first class rooms

Our connecting corridor will be finished soon

Take a look at the finishing touches to our ASD classes

The cleaning is done and ready for our new classes

Keep an eye on the website to keep up to date with the exciting changes that are happening to our wonderful school each week.